Le Mans Ultimate

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Game Area, Izmirdesatilik – Le Mans Ultimate is the official game of the FIA World Endurance Championship and 24 Hours of Le Mans. Play-out the exciting new era for sports car racing, as you strap yourself into the high-speed cockpit of some of the most exciting cars to hit the track.

Why Early Access?

“We think it is likely that Le Mans Ultimate will immediately give you a great offline and online racing experience, and is an excellent add-on to Steam libraries of each Sim racer. But, our choice to go into Early Access with this product highlights our commitment to adding our existing “day one” experience while admitting that this isn’t yet a “full release” game.

Similar to our experiences running a beta public “beta” program to test the rFactor 2 online game Bug reports, feedback and suggestions provided by the public has assisted us in enhancing our systems and Studio 397 is looking at involving our community once again in Le Mans Ultimate.

“The Early Access period will allow us to review the internal plans for development, including the addition of some well-known features to the game, which we’ll inform racers beforehand as well as other features we’d like to delight and surprise the fans. But most importantly is the desire of our team to hear and learn from the public so we can design the ultimate racing experience for those who love this particular genre.”

How long would this game last for Early Access?

“Right currently, we’re not yet able to confirm what time frame the game will remain being in Early Access for. There are clear requirements within the internal team for this game to be considered complete and include functionalities in addition to problems and bugs being fixed.

But, it is possible that users provide us suggestions or feedback that we later decide are essential enough to not include in an official release or specific features require longer time to build than we had previously anticipated.”

What is the way that the final version expected to be different in comparison to earlier versions? Early Access version?

“We have created a roadmap of a variety of aspects we’re planning for to introduce to the sport to enhance the experience on track with new game modes, as well as enhancements to multiplayer. We’re hoping to include different racing styles for offline and online play along with features that will provide the player a more refined and richer experience of endurance racing for players – giving them an engaging and immersive experience that is more customizable.

Details of the exact coming features and new updates will be made available frequently on our channels, our forum, website and Steam when we move forward through this Early Access period.”

What’s the present situation in the Early Access version?

“Players starting on Day 1 will have the option of using the single-player path which includes Race Weekend – allowing the participant to customize the FIA WEC and 24 Hours of Le Mans weekend with qualifying, practice and race and a range of options for weather simulation that include rain, as well as full shifts from day to night.

Participants will also have the chance get a glimpse of the experience online, made possible by Race Control. At first, you’ll be able to participate at Daily Races against other players all over the world, and increasing your Driver’s and Safety Rating. As you demonstrate that you’re a safe and responsible driver on the internet with your Safety Rank are able to unlock higher levels of Daily Races and the Driver Ranking places you into races which reflect your skills and will ensure you get that you compete every time you sign up. The Driver Ranks could become part of esports competitions that are based on this title.

The majority of the effort is being put into the foundation for Le Mans Ultimate to provide an authentic, fun and accessible place for the widest range of athletes to begin the FIA WEC journey.”

Le Mans Ultimate Game will be priced differently after and during Early Access?

“The initially offered price of the game will be most affordable price the game will have at the game’s Early Access phase. The early adopters will love having fun early and will have access to content and features as well as contributing into the development of the game, with new features and updates that will be made available to users when they’re at the point of being ready, as part of the first price.

With the development of the game and new features, the cost of the game will go up slowly to reflect the features and features included available to new players who wish to be part of to the Le Mans Ultimate community.”

How do you plan on including the Community in the development process?

“Our marketing and community team are closely watching comments on social media, Discord and our new forum, which is scheduled to launch prior to launch. The platforms will also serve as the opportunity for customer support including patch and fix details. Also, we are considering “feedback events’ during specific times and more activations for WEC Events. In addition, when we release additional information about the roadmap we are confident that the customers are going to provide us with great details about what they would prefer to see, in order to examine and prioritize these”

This game is not yet available on Steam. As per information OtakGames

Planned Release Date: 20 Feb, 2024

This game plans to unlock in approximately 6 days


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